August 08, 2022

July 2022 Life Update

 Hi Guys!

Happy August! Sorry for taking a couple weeks off from blogging! I got busy with school and wedding planning and honestly I've been re-watching Friends and sometimes I get a little sucked in since the episodes are so short. I also took a little trip which I will be blogging out about this week! 

I seriously can't believe it's August already. I feel like this year is just flying by which is nice and scary all at the same time. My fiancé and I are about 7 months away from our wedding and he's about 8 months from getting out of the Air Force! We haven't started planning with our wedding planner yet. I guess Disney doesn't really start planning until you are like 4 months out from the wedding date which seems kind of crazy and scary to me. Right now we have some homework that we've been going through slowly. It's like a 16 page wedding planning kit where we list out the details of our wedding that we want and other possible options that we might want if they fit in the budget. All I can say it that weddings are expensive! 

I don't really feel comfortable sharing numbers just yet on here because like I've said we haven't even really begun planning the actual wedding but if I had to guess once the entire wedding and honeymoon are completely over, this wedding will have cost more than $50,000 grand between all of the people that will be spending money on the wedding. Which is absolutely mind blowing to me! My mom has always wanted to go into the wedding planning business and since they bought property in Tennessee, I will definitely be encouraging and helping my parents start a wedding business. I have actually enjoyed the entire process so far. I do get a little stressed out about if I am making the right decision and once I hear how much something is going to cost but in the end I know that our day will be absolutely magical and I am actually kind of surprised that I haven't been a bridezilla at all because my entire life everyone around me told me that I was definitely going to be one just based on my personality but honestly I am marrying my best friend and we're getting married in one of our favorite places so I don't really see how I could ever be upset about anything. 

This month I am going to be focusing on finishing one of my classes because it's been two months and I still haven't finished a single class and then I will also be starting the next one. I will also continue my job search as I have yet to find one. At the moment I will probably be taking the week off from applying just so I can focus on getting my class done and then get back to applying the next week. Then at the end of the month my parents are flying up to stay with us for the weekend and then my dog and I will be heading with them to start our journey back to Florida which is where I will be staying for about 6 weeks. We are taking about a week off to go visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park and then Badlands National Park in South Dakota. From there we will be making our trip back to Florida in about 3 days and I will be home in time to clean our Airbnb and then get my hair done and then I will be heading to Orlando to pick up my fiancé at the airport because we are spending 5 days in Orlando to celebrate our friends getting married and our 5 year anniversary. We won't technically be together on our 5 year anniversary but it was a trip we had been planning for a little more than a year and when we found out our friends wedding was in the beginning of September we decided we just kill two birds with one stone and celebrate our anniversary a little early. 

Also, the reason I am driving back home with my parents is because ever since my dog was diagnosed with cancer last year, he hasn't been able to get any of his vaccines because it is not recommended due to his immune system. Since he can't get his shots this means he can't be boarded anywhere and he also has to take 4 pills daily which isn't something I wouldn't want to ask a stranger to do every day while my fiancé and I were gone on our trip. I also wouldn't want to put that on another person if something were to happen to him while we were gone. So personally it's just easier to have my parents fly up and drive back home with me so that way they can watch him while we are gone. The other reason why it just makes more sense is because my fiancé and I have another wedding in New Hampshire where we will be gone for about another 5 days and the two weddings are only about 3 weeks apart so at least this way my dog will be my parents and I know they can handle it if something happens! Also, he knows them since they are his grandparents lol and he will be more comfortable with them than a stranger! While I am back home I will also be having my first bachelorette party at Disney! I am trying to get as much stuff done as possible while I am home for the wedding as needed and this also saves on flights so that's definitely nice!

I promise there will be blog posts for this week and next week! I hopefully won't be taking a break anytime soon again but it might happen while I am traveling but we will see. I will try to have as many written and pre-scheduled as I can before I leave but again I will be focusing on school this week. I kind of slacked off because I have been in a weird funk this past week and I'm not really sure why. But I will be setting goals for next week and trying to get as much accomplished as I can. I hope you enjoyed todays post!

Thanks for stopping by!

XO, Steph


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