August 10, 2022

Summer 2022 Disney Trip

 Hi Guys!

Today's post is about my recent trip to Disney! I went for a long weekend for the last weekend in July. I flew into Orlando Thursday night almost Friday morning lol and then I flew home Monday night. I got to see my friends that I haven't seen in quite a while. Some of them I hadn't seen since November of 2020 unfortunately due to Covid, getting a new job and us living like 7 hours away from each other. When they told us about the trip I decided that I was going to go even though it wasn't really something I should be spending money on but three of them are my bridesmaids and two of their children are also in my wedding so I definitely felt like I needed to see them since it had been a while. Some of the kids barely even remembered me since it had been so long since I had last seen them!

Anyways we went to two parks! Hollywood Studios on Friday and then Magic Kingdom on Saturday. Friday was kind of a bust, everyone got there kind of later so by the time we got to the park the lines were already crazy long and some of the kids had to miss their naps so they were kind of cranky. I also personally just had a really bad time because when I left my dog was back home with my fiancé dealing with a really upset tummy and you know, everything you read online your dog is basically dying and needs to be taken to the vet immediately. Well I hadn't taken my dog to a vet since we moved so none of the local vets up here would see because he wasn't any existing patient even though this was technically considered an emergency and our only emergency animal hospital is an hour away in Fargo! 

I spent most of my morning worrying about my dog and whether or not my fiancé should take him to the emergency vet and after calling and consulting with a local vet I made the decision to call the emergency vet and have my fiancé take him there just so we could make sure that he was fine. The vet looked him over, gave him some fluids and sent him home with some medicine. He said all of his vitals were great for a dog not feeling well and diagnosed him gastritis. My fiancé was amazing and gave him the meds that were prescribed my dog was still having some stomach issues the next morning but after about 24 hours of being on the meds he was back to normal and I was able to spend the rest of my trip not as worried. I almost ended up not going on the trip and I am so grateful to have such a supportive fiancé that really helped me out a lot! 

On Saturday we went to Magic Kingdom and we were able to ride a decent amount of rides with and without Genie+. As someone who is a passholder and goes as frequently as we do, I personally don't like Genie+ and I definitely don't waste the money on it but for those who do not go that often then I highly recommend spending the extra money or just buying the tickets that already come with it each day. To save some money you could always avoid paying for park hopper. The only reason we paid for Genie+ is because we went with friends who only go like once a year and so we they wanted to be able to ride as many rides as they possibly could. I plan on renewing my Disney pass for as long as I can and then when my fiancé moves back home we're hoping that we'll be able to get him one as well. This will allow us to be able to take a weekend trips there and we can kind of divide out the rides each time we go. Thankfully I have been able to ride all of the rides that I enjoy riding probably like over 100 times each in my life so I don't really feel the need to ride every single ride every time I go! This way I can enjoy the other things that the parks have to offer as well such as the food and beverages or shows and shops!

Since my sister lives in Orlando I didn't have to spend any money on a hotel thankfully but our friends stayed at The Contemporary which was nice because we were able to park there and then walk over to Magic Kingdom and we were also able to enjoy the pool as well. The pool is pretty basic, the hot tub was closed this time not that we needed to go in because it was July and the pool water was basically just as warm as your typical hot tub but sometimes it's nice to be able to soak your feet in the hot tub after walking around the park all day! The pool had a slide which was a lot of fun but be prepared to get completely soaked. I went on it hoping to not get my hair wet or my face wet but you go down so fast that you get submerged under the water. Thankfully my makeup was pretty waterproof so I was able to survive the rest of the day without having to touch up my makeup and I just left my hair in a bun.

My mom also came up for the weekend so I was able to get to spend some time with her as well which was really nice! She came up to do some shopping, go to the parks and help take care of my sisters dog so we didn't have to worry so much about leaving the park or our friends since we hadn't seem them in so long. On Sunday we went to Disney Springs to say goodbye to some of our friends and then do a little shopping and walking around. Then we ended up going back to Hollywood Studios with some of our other friends so we could ride a few more rides and then head back home. 

Overall the trip was a lot of fun but I am definitely not going back during the summer months! As a Passholder I just don't really see the point or feel the need to sweat my bum off when I can pretty much go whenever I want the rest of the year. I don't really plan on taking my kids during their summer breaks. I plan to use their summer vacations to take them to new places just like my parents did and then we will probably plan a few random Disney trips throughout the year so that way we can go when it's not as hot out and hopefully not as crowded. Our favorite time of year to go is typically September and then March and April. The fall and spring are usually the best times to go because sometimes you might get a random cool day or at least it won't be as hot and humid as it is during the summer.

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XO, Steph


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