Tuesday, March 5, 2019

2019 Travel Ideas

Stephanie Kamp Blog: 2019 Travel Ideas
Hey guys,

When it comes to traveling for the year, my family currently has a few Disney Trips planned. We ended up keeping our season passes but we downgraded the passes that we had so now we have a few more blockout dates. We wanted to be able to travel to a few other places besides just Disney this year. We didn't really travel that much last year because we pretty much took a trip to Disney every month and then we were just waiting for our trip to Germany which was like our big family vacation. I also think for this year we're going to focus on planning less trips but staying at Disney hotels that we haven't stayed at before. We've stayed at quite a few but there are couple more we want to cross off our bucket list!

So for trips that we have planned so far include 3 trips to Disney and then my sister and I currently have a tripped to Boston booked. My sister was actually born in Massachusetts and she's always wanted to go back. We've talked about taking this trip together for almost 10 years now and I am so excited that we are finally taking it. We're going for Memorial Day since I have the day off. I only have to use one PTO day and I'm taking the Tuesday after Memorial Day off so we'll be going for about 4 days which is nice! Our mom is also still deciding whether or not she wants to tag along with us. She can't make up her mind haha!

Other than Disney and Boston so far we don't have anything else booked but some other options that we have in the back of our minds are California because it's been more than 10 years since we've taken a trip out there. Colorado is another place on our list. My sister actually wrote a book and a lot of it is based in Colorado but surprise, we've actually never been. She just did a lot of research on the state and specifics parts of it to figure out exactly what she wanted to write. So fingers crossed that we get to take a trip out there and confirm that she did a wonderful describing it!

We've also discussed maybe a trip to Italy as our big family vacation but we are still on the fence about this one because of some PTO issues and current family issues that we are experiencing! Also, my sister and I have talked about doing a trip to Iceland because we had some friends go out there a few years ago and it looked absolutely beautiful! We're also considering a trip to New York like we pretty much always do every year! Another trip we might take is a mini vacation to Universal over Labor Day because I get that day off and it's my cousins 25th birthday so we were all thinking it would be fun to celebrate with her!

I'm crazy obsessed with traveling and I'm always coming up with new places that I want to go to but the hard part is finding the time and the money. Thankfully with my new job, I now get PTO but I only get so much during the year so it's like do I take shorter trips but more of them or do I take longer trips and less of them. It's a really hard decision to make. Plus I can't request for time off until I've actually earned the PTO and I just hit my 6 months at my job which ended my probationary period which means after my next paycheck I will be able to start requesting days off. Which I current already have like 3 days to request off things to the trips we do have planned.

Thinking about PTO and making sure that I have enough to be able to do what I want and what my family wants really stresses me out. It also requires a lot of planning and making sure that I plan stuff around holidays so I can take a longer trip but one of the days is being paid for without me loosing a day of PTO.

My parents have a couple trips that they are doing with out my sister and I which include Alaska and like a week or so doing different trails on the Appalachian Mountains. So that will be a lot of fun for them! My sister and I will probably just be staying home with our two dogs! haha But other than that I don't think we have really discussed anything else. I will definitely be doing blog posts on what we end up doing though throughout the year and yes I still have to write my Germany blog posts! I'm such a slacker!

Talk to you soon!
XO, Steph

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