Wednesday, March 20, 2019

My Workout Routine Spring 2019

Stephanie Kamp Blog: My Workout Routine Spring 2019
Hey guys,

It's hump day! YAYYY! It's also the first day of Spring! So I just wanted to share a quick little post with you guys about my current workout routine. My routine literally only takes me like 5-10 minutes and that's mostly because I'm kind of easing my way into working out. Eventually I want to be able to work out for 30 minutes to an hour every day just because I think it's healthier to live that kind of lifestyle. I also have higher cholesterol than someone should have my age and I think that working out and living a somewhat healthier lifestyle with help that. 

So currently for my workout routine I'm literally just working on the lower half of my body and trying to tone my legs. I used to dance and so I'm really used to have muscular but also lean legs and I've definitely let them go ever since I stopped dancing back when I was a senior in high school. So I figured I would start with my legs and then kind of work my way up my body. So next I'll be adding in exercises to tone my stomach and then hopefully tone and gain some strength in my arms. So many of my cousins and friends have babies and boy are they heavy! So I definitely need to work on my strength so I can be prepared for when I had kids someday. 

I primarily only do 3-4 exercises and the main one is squats. I started off slow, I used to 25 squats a day but then I recently upped it to 50 a day. My goal is to be doing at least 100 a day by the end of this. My sister and I were trying to do a squat challenge last month but we kept being lazy and missing days. So far I haven't really missed a day. I don't really workout on the weekends, I use those as my rest days and then I just workout Monday-Friday and then if I'm feeling motivated I will workout on a weekend day.

My next exercise is one we used to do in my dance classes so I'm not really sure if it has an official name but basically you lift your leg behind you and this helps to tone your behind! But it's a super easy exercise and I feel like it really helps and works everything out at the same time. I also do these side lunge things. Again I kind of just made up my own exercises. I googled a little and the ones that were recommended I had done in the past and I felt like the never really worked so I kind of just started messing around and figuring out what type of moves worked the muscles that I wanted to be worked. I basically do 25 reps of each move on each side of my body. I think the only thing I will be increasing the amount on is the squats. 

My last move is one I recently added this week and it was one that I had googled to help tone the inside of your thighs and so far I think it is working, My inner thighs have been pretty sore, I just hope that I see some results. Anyways, I basically do like a side squat and bounce my side to side and I only do 20 of these because so far they hurt and 25 is an odd number and it would just be weird to do 26! So I'll just start in increments of 20 and hopefully work my way up from there.

My goal is to do my legs for the month of March and then add in my abs for April and then my arms for May. Then after that I will create some kind of workout routine where I alternate days so I'm not working everything out all on the same day. I also want to add in some cardio to help with my heart and making sure that I get all of my blood pumping through all of my veins and arteries! I'll probably figure out a better rest day routine rather than just the two days on the weekend. 

Talk to you soon!
XO, Steph

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  1. That's awesome! Keep in mind though that you'll be toning the muscle but you won't see any of the definition if you don't do cardio to get rid of the fat unless you don't really have any fat then this works!


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