Friday, March 15, 2019

Where I get my blog inspiration

Stephanie Kamp Blog: Where I get my blog inspiration
Hey guys,

Happy Friday! I actually have the day off today because my family and I are taking a trip to Disney! It's my first official day off that I requested after my probationary period ended. Funny story though, my probation ended but because my supervisor hadn't done my 6 months like the same day it ended (which is crazy!) the woman that is in charge of taking you off probation never took me off probation so my vacation time never came through. So instead of using a vacation day for Friday, I had to schedule a doctor's appointment and I am taking a sick day. I mean it kind of works out because we get more sick days a year than we do vacation days but still, it's kind of funny. But I am sooo excited to go to Disney because I've been going through withdraws!

Anyways, on to the main topic of this post. For todays post, I wanted to share with you guys about where and how I get inspiration for my blog posts. Honestly, I get inspiration in the most random places and usually at the most inconvenient times. I usually get my ideas for my blog posts when I'm in the shower or using the restroom haha. Basically any time I can't use my phone or don't have my phone near me is when I get my best inspiration for my blog posts. It's kind of annoying, mostly because since I don't really have access to my phone I can't write down my idea in my notes. I also sometimes get ideas whenever I'm driving or trying to fall asleep. Sometimes I wish our brains were like computers and we could think of something and it would be saved in there and we weren't able to forget about something! It would make life so much simpler!

For the blog post ideas that don't come from my head, I actually get the ideas from Google or maybe another blogger or even a YouTuber. I enjoy watching videos on YouTube and sometimes they post a video about something and I'm like I could totally write a blog post about that giving my own opinion. So that's what I do, well if I remember too. Starting the notes page in my phone has definitely helped with keeping track of all of my ideas. If I'm not near my phone when an idea pops into my head then I try to repeat it in my head over and over until I am able to get to my phone.

I also read a few fashion/lifestyle blogs and if I like something they posted about then I try to make it my own. They all kind of blog about the same stuff the only difference is you get to hear what each one said about it. It's nice to have multiple opinions on certain topics! I also like to Google blog post ideas or maybe challenges that people have created. It makes writing some blog posts easier when you already have like questions to answer or ideas to work off of.

I honestly have a crazy brain and it is constantly thinking of new things all of the time. I get it from my mother! She has this problem where she creates inventions or ideas for certain things and she has new ones all of the time and never knows what to do with them. That's basically how my brain works minus the inventions. I just get a ton of ideas, like everyday, multiple times per day! I currently have over 100 notes saved in my phone. It's really bad and I probably start a new page almost every day. When I was on my flight to Germany and on the way back I actually went through my notes app and combined a bunch of them and then deleted a bunch of them because I no longer need them and I think I got it down to like 90 something notes and now I'm back to over 100.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and getting to know more about me and how I write my blog!

Talk to you soon!
XO, Steph

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