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30 Things To Do Before I Turn 30

Stephanie Kamp Blog: 30 Things To Do Before I Turn 30

Hey guys,

So I decided it would be fun to redo this list and remove the things I accomplished before turning 25 and then add a few new things to accomplish before I turn 30! So I have a little less than 5 years before I turn 30 and I really want to be able to cross all of these things off of my list. So fingers crossed I can do that! I already get to cross one thing off my list and that is going to Germany. I took a trip there with my family this past December and it was definitely one of the most beautiful and scenic trips I have ever taken. I loved every single part of it and I can't wait to show you guys all of the pictures I took and tell you about all of the wonderful experiences I had there.

So basically the reason I'm crossing it off now and not on my previous list is because technically I didn't make it there before I turned 25. We went about month after I turned 25 so I kept it on this list and I'm crossing it off now!

I remember when I first wrote my 25 things to do before I turn 25 list and I remember thinking to myself that no one was going to read it because it was sooo long. It took me forever to write. I even had my sister help me write it! I think I was like 21 and it's crazy to look back and think of all of the things I've done and accomplished since I originally wrote the list. I can honestly say I'm pretty much still the same person. I haven't really changed much. I still want the same things in life. I want to be successful in life, have a career, have a family, and travel the world. I don't want to take anything for granted and I want to live life to the fullest. You never know when your time will be up and I've never wanted to say that I regret doing something and regret not doing something. Obviously not everyone has the same chances and opportunities as everyone but it's your life and it's what you make of it.

1) Travel to Italy

So this one definitely still made it on the list. I have seen so many movies that were filmed in Italy and it has always been somewhere I wanted to visit someday. I also follow a lot of bloggers and you tubers that have recently taken some trips there and it looks absolutely beautiful! I want to visit Milan, Florence, Rome, and Venice. I also want to take a trip to the coast of Italy and visit a few towns there. I also think it would be fun to do one of those culinary tours.

2) Travel to Germany

Yay, I made it to Germany guys! We also got to cross off two other countries, Austria and Switzerland! This trip was seriously amazing and I highly recommend all 3 countries 

3) Travel to Greece

I've seen a lot of bloggers and YouTubers travel here lately and their pictures look absolutely beautiful! I want to visit Athens, Santorini, Mykonos and a few other places. I'm not really sure when this trip will take place but I'm hoping either next year or the following year. 

4) Travel to Iceland

This is something I've been trying to convince my sister to do for like the last two years. I was hoping we could go sometime this year but with my PTO and other trips I don't think it will be happening. So maybe we can take a sister trip out there next year.

5) Travel to somewhere in Canada

This is also another trip my sister and I have been talking about doing for years. There are so many different cities in Canada that my sister and I want to travel to. We also watch a lot of tv shows that are filmed in Canada so I think it would be really cool to check out filming locations and maybe see if we can spot some celebrities!

6) Travel to back to Ireland

Visiting Ireland has been one of my favorite trips that we've gone on so far! My whole family absolutely loved this country and if you've ever contemplated going before but haven't made up your mind, then I highly recommend going! One of the best things about this country is that it's pretty small and you can pretty hit all of the highlights in like a week and a half. We didn't travel into Northern Ireland which is something I'd like to do someday but probably later on in life.

7) Travel to Norway, Sweden, and Finland

I think it would be really fun to go to all of these countries and I think I would probably just try to hit up like 1 or 2 major cities in each country over like a 2 week period just because I don't imagine myself ever taking a separate trip to Finland or Sweden. Maybe for Norway I would but probably not the other two. So it would be nice to hit up all 3 countries in the same trip just to cross them off of my bucket list.

8) Travel to Scotland

So I've heard that Scotland is very similar to Ireland and since I was so in love Ireland that I think it would be super cool to take a trip here as well someday. Plus there have been some movies that have been filmed here and I think it would be really cool to tour places like that. When we were in London we tried to hit up all of the Harry Potter filming locations so as you can tell we're kind of into that sort of thing!

9) Travel back to Paris

Obviously I have to go back to my favorite city in the whole wide world. My goal in life is to someday make this like my new New York. My mom, my sister, and I take a trip to New York at least once a year it seems and since Paris has always held a special place in my heart for such a long time that I at least want to visit it 10 times before I die! Which yes I know that seems like a lot but a small part of me has contemplated moving here just because!

10) Live somewhere new out of Florida (even if only for a short amount of time)

Yes this one still made it on my list! I seriously at least want to be able to say that I have lived somewhere outside of Florida. I feel like it will make me sound a little more cultured and also more adventurous. If I were to move and then come back to Florida at least I would be able to tell people well I have lived somewhere else besides Florida!

11) Get started on my Masters and finish

My goal is to get started on that this year. I seriously need to study for the GMAT though but I am a terrible test taker so that's what's stopping me from moving forward and pursuing my goal. Taking tests gives me awful anxiety and I don't really want to waste my money on something I know I'm not going to do well on. But I'm hoping that sometime before July I will be able to take the test and apply for Grad school!

12) Improve my French or learn the basics of a new language

So one of my New Years goals for this year was to try and learn a new language. After our trip to Germany I really wanted to try and learn German but I kind of don't think that it will happen. To be honest, I think that some people just aren't meant to learn a new language and I think I might be one of those people. Between high school and college, I took 5 years of French and I still barely know how to say anything. I can tell you my name and that's about it! But who knows if I ever really have the time or the money to fork out for Rosetta Stone then maybe I will learn a new language.

13) Watch all of the Star Wars Movies

So I think I've only seen like 2 maybe 3 of the movies now. I'm not entirely sure. I know I've seen the first one and the two latest ones since those went in theaters. I've enjoy watching all of the ones I have seen so far so I'm not really sure what's holding me back from watching the other ones but maybe I'll check them off my list this year.

14) Help my sister publish her book

So my sister wrote a book a few years ago and we're still working on getting it published. She doesn't want to self-publish so she's basically just been slowly sending letters to agents that hopefully someday someone will ask to read it and help her get it published!

15) Go to a professional hockey game

This one is back on the list. It's seriously still a goal of mine and my sister's. It's honestly very sad that we haven't gone to a hockey game yet because we actually have like a minor hockey league that plays other minor teams all of the time. We live like 30 minutes from where the Florida Everblades play so maybe sometime before summer we'll buy some tickets and go watch a game! Who knows maybe it will become our new favorite sport!

16) Go on a Mission Trip

This is something that I've always wanted to do. Honestly the only thing holding me back is the food. I am such a picky eater that I would be so worried that I wouldn't find anything to eat or that I would offend someone if they were to cook us something. I have tried to not be as picky of an eater and I have definitely gotten better over the last year or two but there are still so many things that I just can't eat. The whole money thing and having to fundraise for the trip is the other thing that's holding me back. I am awful at convincing people to give me money! haha

17) Volunteer at a Summer Camp

There's this summer camp that my sister and I grew up going to and when I was younger my sister used to be a camp counselor there and she said that it was a lot of fun especially getting to work with the children and watch them grow and learn. So my goal is to someday get to do this, my only dilemma now is the whole PTO thing and not having enough of it to be able to do this.

18) Buy a Chanel Bag

So this was on my list of things to before I turned 25 and honestly up until I was 25, the career part of my life did not go as I had planned. I honestly did not think it was going to be that hard or take me that long to find a job where I was making a decent amount of money. So now that I am making money, I'm hoping that I will be able to put some extra money in savings specifically for this and hopefully buy my first Chanel bag before I turn 30!

19)Travel to Colorado with my sister

I talked about this a couple posts ago and mentioned how my sister wrote a book and it's based in Colorado! This is pretty much the main reason we both want to take a trip out there. I've also watched a couple shows that were filmed in Colorado so I think it would be fun to visit cities such as Boulder and Denver! I think our goal is take a trip out there sometime this year so fingers crossed we're able to plan something!

20) Go Zip Lining

My sister has been zip lining before but I haven't and she always talked about how much fun it was and so because of that I've pretty much always wanted to go. I think there are a couple places in Florida for this but I think that I want to do it while we're on vacation somewhere that way it's more memorable and it'll be like an excursion while we're vacationing.

21) Go tubing/white water rafting

My sister has told me several times about how she has done this and it was so much so basically that's the reason I want to go but at the same time it seems slightly dangerous. I think that when I do go I'll definitely go with my sister because she talks about how she wants to do it again! So maybe she and I will plan a trip together sometime in the future and go somewhere this is a popular thing to do.

22) Help build a house for Habitat for Humanity

 I still really want to do this. I'm not sure when I will or how I will but it is still on the list of things to do in life!

23) Remodel and fully update the house I own with my sister

So our house was built in the 70's and other than what we've done so far, it pretty much hasn't been touched since the 70's. We're pretty sure the appliances were original to the house when w bought it, except the fridge. That one was new! It's now in our garage as our backup fridge because it was fairly new. So far the things we've done include, replacing the Berber carpet with  either tile or nicer carpet. We also replaced all of the appliances including the washer and dryer. We had a dock and jet ski lift installed. We also kind of redid the half bath but all we did was remove the wall paper and replace the vanity and mirror. We still need to remodel our kitchen, my bathroom, and my sisters bathroom. Eventually my goal is to remodel our half bath and turn it into another full bath! Hopefully whenever we do remodel, if we ever sell the house then our value will definitely go up from when we bought it.

24) Buy another house and flip it

Originally that was kind of our intention when we bought the house we live in now but we all kind of fell in love with the location and the other amenities that the house has to offer so I think it would be fun to buy a house and fix it up and then sell it for a profit! Granted I've watched a lot of shows on this but it's TV and everything looks super easy on TV so I'm not really sure how hard it will be to actually pull this off.

25) Own investment property

My goal is to maybe buy a duplex or something and rent out both sides and use the money from one side to pay for the mortgage of the duplex and then use the money from the other side to pay for the mortgage of the house my sister and I own so that way we don't really have a mortgage payment anymore and we can put our money towards other things or we can make more payments on the house to help pay it off quicker.

26) Buy my mom car and have it paid off

My goal is to have an Acura RDX as my mom car, I think? I'm not 100% sure. A part of me wants something with 3 rows but at the same time I don't really like driving big cars so I don't know if I could handle driving something that large. I figured once time gets closer then I will do some research online, figure out my price range, and then go out and test drive some options and then make my decision. But I kind of think it would be nice to buy this car and then have it completely paid off before I actually have a kid just because I know babies can be kind of expensive!

27) Go to a professional Basketball Game

I'm trying to check off all of the professional sporting events off of my list! I've been to a baseball game but I've never been to a football, hockey or basketball game. I don't really have a team that I like but if I had to pick I think it would be cool see either the New York Knicks, LA Lakers, or the Boston Celtics and the only reason I mention those names is because they are pretty much the only ones I know. Obviously there's the Miami Heat but I'm not a huge fan of Miami so I'd rather not have to travel over there to see a game.

28) See a concert at Madison Square Garden

I have done a lot of things in New York City but I've never seen a show at Madison Square Garden. I think it would be really fun to take a trip to New York just to see someone specifically and get all dressed and have a fun night on the town!

29) Visit all of the Continental United States

The reason this one is on the list is because I've pretty much already been to most of the states in the US so I feel like I can accomplish this one over the next 5 years. The reason I say continental is because I don't really have much of a desire to go to Hawaii or Alaska. If I had to pick I would definitely Alaska over Hawaii but one seems too beachy and the other seems to cold! 

30) Buy a fun car and have it paid off

One of my goals in life is to have a fun car such as a convertible for like date night or something. I've pretty much always wanted a Tiffany blue Thunderbird! So I'm hoping that someday I will be able to find one and buy one with cash so I don't have to worry about making a payment. But if I happen to find something else that I like then I will get that. As long as if it's convertible!
I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope you enjoy coming along with me to cross all of these things off my list over the next 5 years or so!

I hope you enjoyed my new list! Now come along and watch either fail or succeed at checking them off!

Talk to you soon!
XO, Steph

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