Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Spring Shoes 2019

Hey guys,

So I know it might seem like I talk about shoes a lot but I did work for a shoe store for almost 2 years and I also am just obsessed with shoes! They come in so many different styles and colors, it's very hard to resist some of them! Anyways, I just wanted to write up a quick post about the shoes I'm currently craving for spring!

Stephanie Kamp Blog: Spring Shoes 2019

I have a pair that look just like these but they are by a different brand and I love them! They are also in Cognac so I would love these in Black.

I think these are super cute and the price isn't too bad considering they are Kate Spade! I don't have any gold shoes and I think these would go with a lot of outfits.

I have a thing for studs and I really like how these ones look in this shoe. It is such a unique design and I think that it would go with a lot of different outfits. I also like you just slide them on and go!

I love these color of these sandals and I also love the design and the studs. I like how the color makes them more girly but the studs make it more punk!

I have a pair that is similar to these but mine are purple and a different style but they are the same brand. I love them and I would definitely buy them in more colors!

I have a couple pairs of shoes that are similar to this and I think they are so easy to just throw on with just about anything. I have a cognac color and a black pair so I think a white pair would fit in perfectly with my collection!

I have a pair of Sperry's that are similar to this but mine are white and very worn out. I seriously need a new pair to replace the ones I have and I feel like these would be a good fit!

I've really been getting into the espadrille trend lately and I love these! I think the color is great and I love the bow on the back!

I love the green in these shoes. I am not the biggest fan of the snakeskin but I think it would still pretty much go with a lot of the different outfit options. I also like how intense yet simple they are. I think they would be a really good shoe for spring and summer! 

I have this pair of shoes in purple and I absolutely love them! They are so comfortable and I honestly would buy them in several colors if they came in multiple colors!

I currently have the patent leather version of these but they are technically too small for my teeth and I have these in the nude color and I love so I want to get these in the black color to replace my current pair.

I used to have a pair of Sperry flips flops and they were super comfortable so I would definitely buy another pair. I love the color of these ones and the prices isn't too bad either!

Talk to you soon!
XO, Steph

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  1. Do you think you can put the picture of the shoe next to the text you are writing about it in. It makes it hard to read the post when you have to go up and down and up and down to read your writing and then go and see what shoe you are talking about. :)

    1. Yeah I can try that! That is true though, I never really thought about it because I kind of just copy what other bloggers do! lol

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