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Netflix's Taylor swift Reputation Stadium Tour

Stephanie Kamp Blog: Netflix's Taylor swift Reputation Stadium Tour
Hey guys,

So I know that this came out like 2 and a half months ago now but I just wanted to do a little post about it! I honestly love when celebrities do this type of thing because sometimes going to concerts can be a little pricey or maybe you don't live that close to a stadium and can't make it to the show. I don't really live that close to any of the stadiums that she went but both of them are about a 2 hour drive for me, give or take a few minutes depending on traffic. With all of that being said, I have only gone to two of her concerts and the reason is because concerts can be pricey. It wasn't until I became an adult and paid for my own ticket that I really started going to her concerts. Before that I felt bad about asking my parents to pay for something like that. 
Stephanie Kamp Blog: Netflix's Taylor swift Reputation Stadium Tour
Anyways, this little concert movie thing is so good and it's basically almost like being there. She did pretty much all of the same songs that she did at the show in Miami (this is the show that I went to and wrote about here!). The movie is pretty much the length of a full movie and then some. I believe it's about 2 hours long which is the length of her concert so it's very nice. I did end up watching it in two parts. I put it on one day when I was doing my laundry and then the next day I put back on when I had to finish the rest of my laundry. It was nice to have on in the background because I could sing and dance along. I was still watching it but I was also being productive. I think I would definitely watch it again while doing it laundry. It made laundry less tedious!
Stephanie Kamp Blog: Netflix's Taylor swift Reputation Stadium Tour
Honestly this concert was so amazing and I was so excited when she announced that she was going to be doing this. And I know that not everyone is a huge Taylor fan but she really is a good performer. I feel like with artists it's either they sing really well live and don't do much of a show or they perform really well but don't sing very well. However, when it comes to Taylor, she puts on a really good show and still sings really well. She also has really elaborate sets and props. This tour she floated across the stadium in beautifully lit up lift thing and then floated back to the stage on a really cool snake lift thing. She also really likes to be able to make sure that every part of the stadium is fully involved which is why she has the tendency to go from the stage to another part of the stadium where she has other stages set up. 
Stephanie Kamp Blog: Netflix's Taylor swift Reputation Stadium Tour
She also has really amazing costumes and her backup dancers/singers are great at performing as well. If you were unable to attend one of her concerts live then I highly recommend you watch the Netflix concert. I'm sure most people that have already watched this by now but if you haven't and you have ever thought about it then I highly recommend it. Also, the other reason I suggest watching it is because if you've ever thought about going to one of her concerts but haven't been sure about the price of your ticket or the distance you might have to drive and whether or not the show will be worth it then you should give this a watch and maybe it will help you make up your mind. Or who knows maybe this is good enough for you and you'll make up your mind that you don't need to attend one of her shows.

P.S. I included some pictures from the concert I went to in Miami last year! Also, I feel like my thoughts are all over the place with this post so sorry if it didn't really make a whole lot of sense!

Talk to you soon!
XO, Steph

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