Thursday, March 28, 2019

Life Lessons with Steph

Stephanie Kamp Blog: Life Lessons with Steph
Hey guys,

This post is going to be super short! For real this time! I randomly just came up with this idea and I like trying new things so we're going to try something new! I'm randomly going to write posts about life (covering pretty much any subject I think of) and things I've learned over the last 25 years. I have a few ideas already in my head for things I want to write about and I realized that they all kind of just have to deal with life and things I'm going through, things I'm working on, or things I've already gone through and have learned from them.

Some of the topics might be kind of harsh but I've always been a very truthful person and I usually tell it how it is. It's basically what I'm known for in my family. If I don't like something I'm not afraid to say it even if it might hurt someone, which yes I realize isn't really the greatest thing but it's how I've been since I was like 4 or 5. My mom always jokes that I used to run the household because if the family wanted to do something but I didn't then we didn't do it! And if we did, I usually would throw a temper tantrum. Granted I really hope my kid does not turn out this way because hearing the stories I feel awful for my mom and how I acted but sometimes you can only help a kid so much haha. 

Anyways, one of the topics I'm going to talk about first is about change. This is something has really had a big impact on me lately, especially in a couple different areas of my life. It's also been causing a lot of stress for me and I feel like if I just write about it, it might help relieve some of that stress. I might also be able to figure out a solution to the recent changes that have happened or how at least how to come to terms with everything! Some other topics include, how I deal with depression, friendships, and faith.

There isn't going to be a schedule with these posts, I'm just going to randomly write them and post them when I feel comfortable and when I feel they are ready to be seen by people. Some of them I might write and never post but like I said just writing things down might be feel better. I hope that this works and I hope that you guys enjoy reading them! 

Talk to you soon!
XO, Steph

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  1. I can't wait to read these! Sounds like such a fun series!


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