January 28, 2017

Blooper Photo's 2016

Hey guys,

So I was originally planning on posting this before the end of 2016 along with a review of my favorites memories from 2016 but unfortunately that never happened. I got way too busy with work, the house, and the holidays. 

But better late than never, as some would say. So today's post is me showing you who I really am! Sometimes it can get a little boring waiting for your sister to figure out the right settings and holding the same pose to make sure that it's going to be good enough. So I may or may not occasionally make some pretty funny faces and/or poses while waiting and she just so happens to shoot them. So here is a collection of photos that I have been saving all year to show you guys.

Also, there are some challenging parts to this whole fashion blogger like trying to figure out how to walk down stairs without looking and making sure you don't trip and land on your face! Haha fun times!

By the way most of these were taken either before we've started the whole process or after we've taken more than 100 photos of one outfit!

WARNING: this post contains some unattractive photos so please be kind! I just thought they were super funny! 

Sometimes I think I'm cooler than I really am!
Me trying not fall to my death! (this log was like a foot off the ground so I wouldn't have fallen far haha)
I think we took over 300 pictures of this one outfit and I was so ready to be done, if you can't tell haha. 
I'm trying to do the moon walk here but I have absolutely no idea how to do the moon.
This is my, "Did you take the picture already?" face.
This is me pretending to hail a taxi in the middle of nowhere because my sister told me to do something!
Trying not to fall down!
This is what it's like to be a fashion blogger in South West Florida! It's so windy here like all the time.
This is me telling my sister that she should be standing over there instead of where she is standing haha! I'm kind of bossy!
Trying not fall again without looking down this time! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and these photos! And I hope they made you laugh a little!

Thanks for stopping by!
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XO, Steph


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