January 11, 2017

Breakfast Nook Inspiration

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So today's blog post is about the inspiration for our breakfast nook. My sister has always wanted an eat-in kitchen but unfortunately our kitchen is like in the middle of the house and very closed off. There's no way to have like a real eat-in kitchen so we're going to turn the second dining area which most people call the breakfast nook into an eat-in kitchen type thing. 

We plan to add built-in to help add some more storage and then a bench in the middle just like the two pictures below. My mom recent got into wood-working and so we're hoping that if we all work together (my mom, my sister, and I) then we should be able to build something that looks pretty good.

This is like my dream chandelier and so hopefully we will be able to remove the current lighting situation that is there (which is recessed lighting) and replace it with this chandelier or something similar.
This is the table that we purchased. It was pretty cheap which was nice because it's not exactly the table that we wanted. It's close but I searched online multiple times throughout the last 3 months and I haven't been able to find a table that was just perfect so we decided on this one. I would have preferred one with a leaf since we plan on having a bench. I think it would have been nice to add a leaf at times so more than one person could use the bench when we're using the table. 

The main reason we have to get a small table for this area is because if we were to get anything larger then it might block the walkway that leads to our second bedroom (aka the office and every other name we're calling it haha) and we don't really want it to be annoying to have to walk around a huge table to get to the other room and garage.

I currently don't have any chairs picked out other than upholstered ones. I don't really like wooden chairs. I really want something that is going to be extremely comfortable and glamorous. My sister and I have these chairs that we see at Homegoods every time we go but they're like $200 a piece and I don't really feel like paying that much for a chair that might get dirty if someone messy sits in it. But they are seriously the best chairs ever because they are velvet and tufted which is like my dream chair haha!

But here's some examples of what I am looking for…

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