January 03, 2017

Living Room/Library Inspiration

Hey guys,

So today's blog post is going to be another inspiration post for one of our rooms in our house. The room is technically our family room but instead we are going to turn it into a library. It's still going to have seating but it's most likely not going to have a tv. One of my sisters dreams is to have a library in her house and so we both agreed that she could turn the family room into a library.

The image below is our main image that we use for our inspiration (my sister found the image on Pinterest)

For furniture, we want to get a chaise chair (not sure what color or style yet), a gray pull out couch for whenever we have guests that come into town and need somewhere to stay, and then my sister has a papasan chair from when she was in college that she is obsessed with. We need to buy the papasan chair a new cushion though. Currently, it doesn't have one and then I also really want to buy a matching stool so you can prop your feet up whenever you don't feel like curling them up inside the chair.
We have an accent wall in the room and it's like a combination of these two colors. I couldn't find the exact color and I can't remember the name.

We also have gray carpet in the room and it's a little bit lighter than this color. It's the most soft and squishy carpet EVER! I absolutely love it and I think my sister and I did a great job picking it out haha!

None of these images are mine, they can all be found in Pinterest.

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