January 16, 2017

Dining Room Inspiration

Hey guys,

Okay so technically this is the last room for the new house inspiration series that I have been doing. I don't plan on doing them for the master bedroom because that's not my room. If my sister maybe wants to do a guest post then that would be totally fine! (haha hint, hint) but since I didn't collaborate with her on that, everything in the room were her own ideas, I don't feel like I should do a post about it. I also don't plan on doing them for the bathrooms or for the kitchen because it will be a while before any of those get remodeled. All of them will be getting makeovers but only things like new paint and maybe some new faucets and stuff like that for the time being. 

I could possibly do a couple blog posts on how we plan to set up our patio or our garage but I'm not entirely sure if anyone would find that interesting haha so let me know!

My plan with this series was just to give you guys an idea on how we plan to decorate the house and make it our own. Once everything in each room is finished I will be doing a post to show you guys how the room actually turned out. Kind of like when you watch a show on HGTV and they show you what the room looked like before, what the room could look like, and how the room actually turned out by the end. So whenever a room gets finished I will show you before pictures and after pictures and then provide a link back to the inspiration post so you can compare what actually happened!

Here's some inspiration pictures for the room…
So the current colors of the dining room are gray with an accent color of like a light tiffany blue color. We know that we want a table with a dark wood that is kind of farmhouse style and sort of matching buffet or sideboard or whatever you want to call it.

We have the chandelier picked out and we both really like it. We kind of want the theme to be rustic/farmhouse mixed with glamour so it still ties in with the living room since you will be able to see the dining room from the living room.
We also know that we want upholstered/tufted chairs. I kind of wanted white chairs but then my sister brought up the point about how hard they are going to be to clean if they get dirty so now we're thinking of doing a dark charcoal gray. I also kind of like the idea of having the two chairs at the head of the table be different than the rest. However, I am not entirely sure how to make them different or if they actually will be different.
 Another idea for chairs would be to find navy blue velvet chairs that match the couch since the two rooms are so close together. It would help to blend the rooms and have their themes somewhat match.
We really want a table the has a leaf in it so it will be a square whenever we don't really plan on using the table and then we will just add the leaf to expand the table if we ever need to because we are having guests come over.
The other reason we need to make sure that the table has a leaf is because our dining room is pretty tiny and we already have one that being used by our coffee/tea bar. 
I also really want to have matching sideboard or buffet or whatever you prefer to call it.
We currently have curtains hanging up but they do not match at all and I found ones on Target that kind of match the ones that we have hanging in the living so it might be nice to have coordinating curtains in each room since they are so close together.

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