January 13, 2017

Family/Great Room Inspiration

Hey guys,

So we're almost done with the new house inspiration series and this room is probably the room that I have worked the hardest on. It's also probably the room that I am going to be the most picky about. I have been searching for months for a couch for this room and I have found a couple that I like but I haven't found the perfect/my dream couch. I have always wanted a navy blue velvet couch. I'm not entirely sure why but this has been something that I have wanted for a while. My mom has pretty much always had navy blue couches, so I'm wondering if when I was younger I happened to see or sit on a velvet couch and then just dreamed of having one in navy blue. Haha but I don't know.

So the color scheme we are going for can be seen in the next 3 images. My favorite color is navy blue (hence the navy blue couch) and then I also recently decided to add a blush pink as an accent color. There will also be a few pieces of gold furniture such as gold bookcases, gold side tables, and a few other gold items here and there. 

So here are a few images of couches that I found on Pinterest to give you an idea what I am looking for. We also plan to have gold side table and there will also be marble accents throughout the room as well. I don't really want to share too many details because I'm hoping to do a blog post on something here shortly.
So I really wanted either a glass or marble top coffee table but my sister said no. So we both agreed on getting some kind of upholstered ottoman and just adding a tray to it whenever we need to put something on the ottoman. This way it will be comfortable, fashionable, and functional (what more could a girl want haha)! 
My sister and I are obsessed with fireplaces and we desperately want one so I figured we might as well try to find a tv stand with a fireplace in it since we don't exactly have the money to have one put into the house. But eventually that is our goal!

I couldn't really makeup my mind which color to get for the TV stand since most of our furniture is going to be gold. I knew that I didn't want a black one and I knew that I couldn't go with gray because the paint color on all of the walls in that room are already gray. I was searching on Pinterest and I found a blush pink one and I thought that might be cool but then I started doing some research to find a pink TV stand and I couldn't really find anything. I happened to choose a white one because I think it will go well with the marble and gold and it will also blend well with the gray walls. 
Here are few images of the pink chairs that made me fall in love with idea of adding blush pink chairs  as our accent color and furniture. However, we don't really want the pink to be too overwhelming so there isn't really going to be that much pink in the room besides the chairs and maybe a couple other things.
I also really want there to be some type of fur in the room and so I plan on trying to figure out a diy for the room. I don't really want to give away too many details because I plan on writing a blog post about it!

So I really like the two set-ups below. However since this is going to be our main room with a tv in it, we kind of want something that is comfortable to sit and watch tv but at the same time still look a little formal. My dream would be to have two navy blue velvet couches in the room just because the room is so large that I think it could handle having two couches but also because it provides more seating if we ever have guests over. 

By the way, none of these photos are mine. They were all found on Pinterest!

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