January 27, 2017

Patio/Backyard Inspiration

Hey guys,

So today's blog post is the inspiration for our patio. We live on a canal and we also have a pool (just some info for you). It's hard to find images of patios and pools together on Pinterest. Also, some of the images are actually from retailers websites instead because I have specific furniture in mind that I want and so I just decided to use those photos instead of finding other ones on Printerest.

So the first few images are the patio furniture set that I want. The theme for the patio is nautical and kind of piratey. We plan to have a gallery wall maybe that features an anchor, a mermaid (maybe), a ships wheel, maybe some type of compass, and some other items that we find and happen to like and that go with our theme.

We recently went to an antique store on our way home from Tallahassee and we found these iron hooks that have an anchor on them and so we plan on hanging them on the wall so we can hang up towels outside while they dry out or you can put them on the hooks before getting in the pool instead of taking up space by lying them on a chair. 

Soooo, if you can't tell by now, I am obsessed with the color navy. It's my favorite color and I pretty much want it everywhere! So far it's featured in 4 different locations throughout the house. Is that a bit much? I don't think so haha!
We have a sliding glass window in our kitchen that looks out onto the porch. It also has a bar height countertop underneath of it outside. The countertop that is currently there is falling apart and I really want to get it replaced a soon as possible. We kind of had this idea of having it match the kitchen but I think it might be a while before we have the kitchen redone so I think we might just replace it with a random piece of countertop that we find at a stone store or there's this local store that we purchased our tile from and they also sell countertops.
Instead of barstools, we have a couple of director's chairs that we plan on using. They are this light color and we plan on staining them a different color and them we replaced the seats with the color that's down below. The counter outside is pretty long so eventually we will probably purchase a couple more director's chairs but for now we're just going to stick with the two just incase they don't work out.

We recently go a part of our fence installed. Fences are extremely expensive just so you guys know haha. We decided that instead of wasting the money on getting the whole yard done we would just get a dog run and fence in the rest of the yard later whenever we have some leftover money. I couldn't find any images of a dog run with just grass, this one is the closet I could find haha. But eventually it's just going to contain grass and maybe a couple of small trees that don't really grow that big.

Currently there are quite of few bushes that need to be removed and some rocks as well. There is like the tiniest amount of room for the dogs right now and so I really want to add more grass for them to use as soon as possible but we haven't really figured out the best way to remove the roots from the bushes. So we are currently working on that and then eventually I want to add some other items as well such as a dog house maybe and some water bowls for them even though neither of our dogs prefer to be outside for very long haha. 

We also want to build a fire pit outside. We used to have a metal fire pit and we left it outside under our covered patio in that bag that came with it and it still completely rusted away and we have to throw it away. So now we want one that is a little more permanent.
We've also been looking at things to put firewood in so we can keep a stock pile of firewood and just have a fire whenever we want!
I would love to be able to have an outdoor theater type of thing. This is pretty much just a dream and I might just have to settle for a TV on the porch but a girl can dream and if we were able to pull this off, I think it would be so amazing!

My sister is obsessed with games and my mom recently got into woodworking so I found these wooden giant yard games that I thought would be fund to make and have to play whenever we have guests over.

Eventually we're going to build a dock and so I found these two items on Pinterest that looked pretty interesting. Our canal doesn't have very pretty water but I still think it would be a neat feature to add to the dock haha.

This might also come in handy incase someone catches something and they need to clean the fish!

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