January 12, 2017

Favorite Nicholas Sparks Movies

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So this post is kind of random and might not have anything to do with my blog but I was watching a Nicholas Sparks movie when I came up with this idea. I absolutely love Nicholas Sparks and almost all of his movies. I haven't seen all of them and there are a few that I have only seen once and will only see once. Also, I have never read any of his books. I'm not much of a reader which is why I have never read any of them. I only own one of his books too and that's because my wonderful sister got it signed for me when she went to one of his signings.

So here's how this post is going to go, I'm going to rank all of his movies from favorite to not-so-favorite.

1) Safe Haven
This is my all time favorite Nicholas Sparks movie and I have visited South Port, NC (aka Safe Haven) two different times now. It is such a cute and beautiful town and we've eaten at the coffee shop where Katie gets her coffee from twice now.

2) The Choice
This is the most recent Nicholas Sparks movie and made it's way into second place in my heart. I love this movie. I love the two characters and their story. I love the location of where the two characters live and I also love how it has Clark Kent from Smallville haha!

3) The Longest Ride
I love Britt Robertson! She is one of my favorite actresses and Scott Eastwood is pretty amazing as well. I think his dad (Clint Eastwood) should be very proud! P.S. This is the movie that made me want to add go to a Professional bull riding event to my 25 Things to do Before I Turn 25 list haha.

4) The Notebook
So I have to be honest, this movie has never made me cry haha. Almost everyone I know says that this movie makes them cry but I love this movie. I love how the couple ends up dying together in each others arms. I think their story is so sweet and passionate. 

5) The Last Song
This movie used to be in second place but then they just came out with so many other good ones plus it's so depressing when Ronnie's dad dies (SPOILER)! It's like almost every Disney movie, I hate when one of the parent's dies (insert crying emoji here haha).

6) A Walk to Remember
I have also never cried during this movie either. It is a very depressing movie but I fought every second of my eye watering because I really wanted to say that I have never cried during a Nicholas Sparks movie but I can no longer say that (keep reading to find out why).

7) Dear John
I don't really have much to say about this movie, I honestly forget that it's even a Nicholas Sparks movie half the time because it just doesn't really feel like it is. It's a good movie but it's definitely at the bottom of my list and I don't even think I own this one. 

8) The Best of Me
So I 100% absolutely hate this movie. There is not one single thing that I like about it other than the fact that it has James Marsden in it. But this is the only Nicholas Sparks movie that has made me cry and I never plan to watch it ever again. I tell everyone that it is a terrible movie and that they should never watch it. I love romance movies and I prefer that the couple actually end up together in the end. SPOILER: I really hated how he died by getting shot by his family members and then her son receives his heart. Yeah, it's great that her son was able to get a new heart but it majorly sucks that they weren't able to end up together.

So the last three movies, I have never seen. I'm not entirely sure why but I've never really been interested. Actually, I didn't even really realize that The Lucky One was a Nicholas Sparks movie until recently. And it's really strange that I'm not interested in watching it because it has Zac Efron in it haha plus I love most of Nicholas Sparks movies. I think they are the best so I would probably like it if I actually watched it. I would probably like all 3 of these movies if I actually sat down and watched them haha.

9) Nights in Rodanthe
10) Message in a Bottle
11) The Lucky One
Hopefully someday soon I will be able to watch the last 3 movies so I can say that I have seen every single Nicholas Sparks movie. My goal is to also read all of the books because I know that he hasn't so many more books that may never become movies.

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