January 17, 2017

Shoes I am Currently Wanting!

Hey guys,

So this is kind of a weird post, I know! But I am obsessed with shoes! I blame my mother haha (just kidding, no I don't, love you mom!). But no seriously, I am obsessed with shoes and I am always buying new pairs and I currently work in a shoe store which makes me want to buy all the shoes but unfortunately I need the money. Eventually my plan is to get a full time job, keep my job at the shoe store and just use all of the money I make there to go towards my blog and buying new items to be featured on the blog (and of course new shoes!).

So some of these shoes I want specifically and other ones I just want some that are similar.

1) Over-the-knee boots with a chunky heel

I currently have one pair of over-the-knee boots (that don't have a heel) and I love them! I try to wear them as much as I possibly can. So eventually I would really like to get a second pair but with a heel.
2) A heel with a chunky heel

I really want a couple different pairs of these, specifically a black, a nude pair and maybe a fun color or cheetah print. I don't have anyones picked out at the moment, it's just a style that I would like to own.
3) Sam Edelman "Gigi" sandal

I currently own two pairs of these (white and nude) and I wear them constantly and by constantly I mean wayyyyy toooooo much. I've only had them for a couple years and I pretty much already need new ones because they look so worn out. So I would like to two new pairs to let my other ones have a little breather. However, eventually I would like to replace the two I already have because they seem to always carry the two colors that I currently own.
4) Casual Slip-on Shoes

I absolutely love slip-on shoes. I try to find and buy as many as I possibly can because sometimes you just don't want to wear sandals. Maybe you're going some where nice or somewhere thats kind of dirty and you don't want your feet to be completely exposed. I love to just be able to slip-on a pair of shoes and head out the door. Some of my slip-on shoes are easier to put on than some of my sandals too which is an added benefit. 
5) Adidas Striped Shoes

So Adidas has been around for quite a while and these shoes used to be very popular a little bit ago and now they're making a come back. I personally don't really like the original white and black superstar's because of the rubber piece that's on the top of the shoe but I do like the NEO line that they came out with that sells a very similar shoe without the rubber piece. I also love the pink ones and they come in navy and gray as well, which I think would be really cute options as well.
6) Tennis Shoes

So I have never really been a big sneaker/tennis shoe kind of person but lately I have really been wanting a wider variety of them. I purchased a bike last year and I would like to be able to wear tennis shoes when I ride but I only have one pair and I don't really like them that much haha. They're super cute and perfect for hiking or other sporty activities but they're so bulky that I just don't like to put them on whenever I go bike riding so I typically will just slip on a pair of closed toed shoes and head out.

The neighborhood that my sister and I just moved into has a lot of sidewalks and so eventually my plan is to start walking a lot more or go for bike rides daily which is why I want to purchase more tennis shoes. Plus I have several workout outfits and it would be nice to have shoes that matched a variety of them haha.

Another reason I want to purchase more tennis shoes/sneakers is because I have seen a lot magazines trying to make them more fashionable and I would love to be able to put together a few outfits and figure out how to make them as fashionable as possible. I would also like to do a couple blog posts on athleisure wear and how to style it.

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