January 24, 2017

Garage Inspiration

Hey guys,

So I decided to go ahead and do a garage inspiration post today. I know that I haven't posted anything in the last few days and I am so sorry. My plan was to blog every single day for the rest of January but I got a little off track and then it's like when I miss one day I get out of the routine and forget to write and work on the blog.

So currently our garage has some DIY storage that the previous owner had put up. I think we plan on leaving all of it up and maybe just adding to it some more. Our garage currently has white walls but the built in shelves are still the normal brownish color they come when you buy wooden shelves at a hardware store so eventually it would be nice to go in and paint everything inside the garage completely white.

Our floor also needs to be majorly paint. There are stains everywhere and the previous owner had painted it a reddish color and so it's fading away in certain areas and has already completely come off in other areas. So it would be nice to repaint it like a gray color maybe but I'm not sure. My sister and I haven't really discussed the garage too much. It will definitely be one of the very last things that we do since you don't typically show off your garage to people haha.
The previous owner had a built in work/tool station and so we plan on leaving that up just so we can leave our tools in the garage instead of having find somewhere inside the house to store them.

The previous owner of the house never labeled all of the switches on the circuit breaker so we are still trying to figure out which is what. I bought my sister a label maker for Christmas so chances are we will just use that instead of color coding everything. However this is a really great idea and I also think it makes it a little more pretty!
Our washer and dryer are both inside the garage which kind of stinks but that's how it typically is when you buy and older home. Eventually we have a plan to bring it inside the house but when we do that we will most likely loose the half bath and the spare closet that we have. However, we could just add a lot of storage space to in the laundry room and it will be like we never lost the half bath.
There currently are some shelves in this part of the garage that the previous owner had put up. I think we plan to leave them because you can always use more storage space but we will probably need to check them out first and make sure that they are secure enough to put stuff on.
I really like this storage idea for lawn chairs. We are always using chairs like these either at a park, some type of outdoor event or even at the beach so it's always good to make sure you have plenty.
I found this on Pinterest (just like I found everything else haha) and thought it was a unique way to store your extension cords.
Eventually we want to see if we can get both of our cars in the garage and having tennis balls hanging down from the ceiling is a good way to make sure you are parking exactly where you need to parking so you don't hit anything.
MY sister and I each have our own bike and I would like to be able to hang them on the wall some where inside the garage just so they are up and out of the way but they should also still have easy access.
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