February 02, 2017

Disney Art Festival Review

Hey guys,

So I wanted to talk a little bit about the Epcot International Festival of the Arts that is going on at Disney. It's every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from January 13 to February 20.

My family has been attending the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival for the last 9 years or so and we've also gone to the International Food and Wine Festival at least once and when they announced that they were going to be adding a new international festival I knew we had to check it out. I definitely don't think that it was as popular as the food and wine or the flower and garden but this is the first year so people might still be a little wary about going. 

I wasn't really that impressed, I'm not really a big food person so I didn't like most of the foods because they were all very artistic and meant to look really pretty and in my mind, if the food is really pretty then it's probably not going to taste as good haha. Which in my opinion was true. We tried a few of the desserts and one of them (my favorite one) was a chocolate chip cookie that was made to look like an artist palette (picture below) and in my opinion that was the best one.

Granted the main reason we actually went was because we're obsessed with Disney and my mom has been talking about going back for while. We haven't been back since we let our passes expire last May. Our plan was to get new ones this year but we still haven't made up our minds yet. 

We also went so we could finally ride the new Frozen ride that is located in Norway in Epcot. We used to love riding Maelstrom which was what Frozen replaced and when we found out that a Frozen ride was going up, we were so excited, a little sad but mostly excited! We couldn't believe that they were putting in a Frozen ride! 

So to talk about our experience, we got there first thing in the morning, I think it was around 10 something. We left our house around 7:20-ish and we have about a 2 hour and 45 minute drive give or take a few minutes haha. And we went straight to Epcot and as soon as got there, we found a restroom real quick and then bolted to Norway so we could figure out how to get in line for this ride. We figured that there would already be a really long line but thankfully there wasn't. We knew that the World Showcase didn't open up until 11 so we weren't really sure if we would be allowed in or if we would have to wait in a line at the beginning of the World Showcase but thankfully we just walked to Norway and got in line. The sign said it was a 45 minute wait by the time we got there and so we hoped in line and waited. I think it only took us about 30 minutes (maybe, not even?) before we were on the ride. 
I didn't take any pictures of the ride mostly because I wanted to make sure that I was fully paying attention because I wasn't sure when I would be riding it again and so I put my phone away and enjoyed the ride. I did however, take some photos of the line. I also took a cute video but I didn't include it in this post because I wasn't entirely sure how to. 
The ride was absolutely amazing and so gorgeous! I loved every second of it and I highly recommend riding it if you are able to get the chance. We were unable to get any fast passes for it and I know that they are booked up as soon as possible so make sure to pay attention for them if you plan on going. Or you could always do what we did and just get to Epcot super early in the morning and head straight to Norway and wait in line. 

I also think that the amount of time that put on the screen is just to cover their butts when a customer complains about how long the line is. We experienced something similar when we waited for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The wait said something like 75 minutes or so and I think it took us less than an hour before we were on the ride. I'm not saying that every ride at Disney is like this but I think that some of their more popular rides will report a longer wait time so customers know what they might be getting themselves into haha.
So as for the festival, I was personally a little disappointed. However, I'm not really an art type of person. My sister and mom were more into it because they like art and there were several pieces of art that they wanted to buy, they just don't really have the space to put any of it. 

However, I totally recommend it if you are looking for something fun to do over the weekend, if you like artsy food, and if you are in need of some new artwork. I do have to let you know though, that most of the art is Disney related, which is why it's hard to buy something. Whatever you bought would have to match the theme of your house and personally, none of the art we saw really matched our house. There were couple of pieces that I really loved but I have no idea where we would have put them because they didn't really go with the theme of any of our rooms. 

Also, I do have to add that we didn't stay the whole day at Epcot. We left and went to Hollywood Studios (MGM for those of you who refuse to call it by it's newest name which will probably be changing again sometime this year or next year) for a few hours and then we went to Magic Kingdom afterwards. So I can't really say too many bad things about it. We didn't get to stay to see any of the performances, which I'm sure were wonderful! One thing that was really neat was getting to help paint a mural. We didn't get to see what it looked like finished but it was still fun getting to help participate in something like that, where a bunch of random strangers come together to make something beautiful!

XO, Steph


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