February 07, 2017

Walt Disney World Parks Ranked

Walt Disney World Parks Ranked

Hey guys,

So one of my goals for February is to make sure that I blog at least every week day during the month so there may be a lot of random posts and/or Disney posts. Today's post was going to be a Valentine's day related one but I unfortunately ran out of time. My goal was to write all of this weeks posts on Saturday and Sunday because I had the weekend off but we spent too much time trying to get stuff done around the house.

So if you haven't figured it out, I love Disney! I have been to all four Disney World parks, both parks in Disneyland in California, and both parks in Disneyland in Paris. I unfortunately don't really remember the parks in California other than a couple of the rides. I really want go back because they added a whole cars 

1) Magic Kingdom

So this is by far, my favorite Disney World park. There is so much to do and I absolutely love how it is divided up into cute little lands. There's Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Frontierland. I also love how there is basically a ride for everyone. There are also fair like rides which can be nice for those who don't like really intense rides. I have probably been to this park over a hundred times in my life and I have probably been on every single ride in the park. I can typically ride anything, however, there are certain rides that I have been on and know that I don't like so I only ride them once every few years or so or if I've taken some Tylenol and some motion sicknesses meds before riding haha. 

There's isn't really a ride at Magic Kingdom that makes me sick though, and by sick I mean I get a headache from motion sickness. I have never thrown up after any ride in my entire life (knock on wood). The reason I mention that there is pretty much a ride for everyone is because my mom can't ride some of the more crazy rides such as Space Mountain but she can rides other rides like Pirates of Caribbean or Haunted Mansion. 

If I could chose only one park to visit, it would definitely be Magic Kingdom because this is the most popular park. It's also the first park in Florida and it has the castle as well. It's basically the definition of Walt Disney World. There is so much to do and so much to see just at this one park and it is absolutely amazing!

2) Hollywood Studios

This park makes the list at number 2 because it has my favorite Disney ride ever, Tower of Terror. Yeah, I know the name sounds a little daunting but I promise this is seriously the best ride ever! However, most people disagree with my sister and I whenever we say that haha. But I seriously love this ride. I love watching scary movies and so I love how spooky the ride is and I also just love the thrill of going up and down and not knowing when you are going to drop again. But the funny thing is that most fairs have a similar version except you aren't sitting in an elevator and I absolutely hate that ride. I went one time and swore I would never again. It was seriously the most terrifying experience of my entire life! 

3) Epcot

There aren't that many rides at Epcot but it holds a special place in my heart because every year for my mom's birthday we like to go to Epcot to the Flower and Garden Festival. We've been doing this for about 9 years or so. If you have never been to the Flower and Garden Festival or the Food and Wine Festival then I totally recommend them. They are both absolutely so much fun to go to. In my opinion there isn't really that much to do at Epcot so I like to go to this park whenever they are having one their festivals going o n because then you can at least try some new food and maybe some alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) beverages. One year we went and there was this amazing rose iced tea and they have never had it again. So my suggestion is, if you do go to one of the festivals, make sure not to fall in love with anything you eat or drink because you will probably never see it again. They always try to rotate out the food nothing is repeated. 

My favorite ride at Epcot used to be Test Track but now it's obviously the new Frozen ride! How could you not love a Frozen ride!

4) Animal Kingdom

The reason this one makes the bottom is because we rarely ever go to this park. There was one time we had waited like 5 years or so before going back to this park. I'm not really sure why considering how much I love going to the zoo haha but we just rarely will go. However, over the last few years we have been going a lot more lately. My parents like to go there over the other parks sometimes because it tends to be the more calm park but they like all of the nature and getting to see all of the animals.

My favorite ride at Animal Kingdom is probably Expedition Everest! It is so much fun and you go backwards kind of like the Mummy at Universal except a little more intense in my opinion haha.

P.S. I will be doing a review for each park on my favorite rides at each park, so make sure to check back for that.

XO, Steph


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