February 20, 2017

Disney's Animal Kingdom Rides Ranked

Hey guys,

1) Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

So this is pretty much the best ride at Animal Kingdom! My family rarely ever goes to Animal Kingdom and one of the main reason we started going more often was because they put in this ride. Before this ride there were only the rides listed below and then there are a ton of animal attractions. Which don't get me wrong, I absolutely love animals but I'd really rather not pay like $90 to basically go to a fancier zoo and see some animals haha.

But this ride is the best, there is are a couple parts that kind of freak me out but thankfully I'm the type of person that can just close her eyes and not pay attention to whats really going on and enjoy myself. I love riding roller coasters and this is definitely is a great one! It doesn't go upside down (which some people require for it to be a good roller coaster) but there is one part that almost makes you feel like you are going upside down and honestly, this part in the dark so who knows, you might actually be going upside down haha. I also just love the theme of this ride which is why I consider is good one to ride.


So this is mine and my family's favorite ride to ride (like as a family because my parents don't ride roller coasters). There are a couple scary parts if you have small children (or if you're like me and don't like it when things pop up out of nowhere haha). But other than that, it's a lot of fun and it's kind of educational because you learn the names of some of the dinosaurs (or maybe all of them, I'm really not entirely sure).

3) Kilimanjaro Safaris

My family and I also really love this ride. One time we went on it right after it had just finished raining and it was beautiful. The sun was glistening and it was so memorable because the lions all came out and one was perched right on top of their rocks and looked just like a scene from The Lion King! It was so amazing and this ride is a lot of fun if you enjoy getting to see animals that you don't get to see in life that often such as lions or giraffes!

4) Kali River Rapids

I honestly don't really know much about this ride. I think I have only been on it maybe a handful of times and that's not because I'm scared of water rides. I love water rides, I just hate getting drenched most of the time so technically I love the idea of water rides. If I plan on riding a water ride then I will typically plan my outfit accordingly because I absolutely hate chaffing and it seems like every time I would ride a water ride, I would end up chaffing so my sister and I discovered that if you wear like fabric shorts or scarf shorts as some people call them then they are made out of a thinner material which means that they dry a lot faster than other short's materials.

5) It's Tough to be a Bug

So this is technically a show and not a ride. It's based off of the movie, It's a Bugs Life (which I used to love this movie!). I've seen it probably a handful of times but I don't really remember everything that goes on. According to Disney's website, it's not a 4D show but I thought it was. I thought that they made it feel like bugs were crawling under your seat and I also thought that a stinkbug sprayed you with some smelly scents but I maybe confusing it with a different from a different park haha. However, I definitely recommend seeing this show at least once.

6) Primeval Whirl

So this ride and the next one are basically like nicer versions of fair rides, in my opinion. I haven't been on either of them. They are primarily for little kids and I don't think that they really had them when I was little and then by the time they got them, I was already riding roller coasters and so I wasn't really into riding them, plus it would be very hard to get anyone else in my family to ride them haha.

7) TriceraTop Spin

8) Wildlife Express Train

So if I'm remembering this correctly, this train takes you to like a little island place (but not really). It's more like an area that you can access only through this train. So more like a private area inside the park. It's a pretty cool area that features more animals and I also believe that there is a petting zoo there are well. I love petting zoo's and I will probably always love petting zoo's haha. Like I've said before, I absolutely love animals and getting to pet them just makes everything so much better haha. Basically, it's a fun and educational island and something that I totally recommend doing!

XO, Steph


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