February 17, 2017

Disney's Hollywood Studios Rides Ranked

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So this is my second favorite Disney park and if you go to this link, it says that Hollywood Studios has 13 attractions. I only have 8 listed because I'm pretty much only listing rides or items that I think are extremely fun and something not to miss.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Rides Ranked

1) The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

So this is my favorite ride of all time (and by that I mean out of every single theme park I have been to this is my favorite ride)! I love this and I try to ride it as many times as I can whenever we go to Hollywood Studios. Most people that I talk to about this ride don't think that it's that great but I love it. So basically with this ride, you are taken down to the "basement" and then you sit down in the service elevator and then it takes you up a couple floors and you watch something, and then it takes you up a couple more floors and then the elevator moves forward into a pitch black are and you don't know whether you are going to go up or drop to your death (haha just kidding, it's really not that scary). It's a lot of fun and very exhilarating! You go up and down a few times and then the elevator moves back to another more lit up area and then you exit the ride.

2) Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

This is my second favorite but only at this park. It is an indoor roller coaster featuring the band Aerosmith. It's kind of similar to the Hulk where it shoots you off and then you go upside down a couple of times. If you have any cartilage piercings in your ears then I highly recommend taking those out before you get on because it will through your head from side to side and it really hurts if you hit your ear on the side of the over-the-head restraints.

 My sister and I have been on this ride so many times that sometimes if the line is too long then we will just do single rider because sometimes it doesn't take as much time. However, there have been sometimes where we could have sworn that it took us longer to get through single rider than it did for the people in the regular line to get on and they were able to ride together. However, sometimes if the single rider line gets too long then they will just put a few single riders together on the ride at the same time so they can make sure that the line doesn't get to be too long.

3) Toy Story Mania!

This is ride has been at this park for more than 5 years now but it is still such a popular ride. The line for this ride is almost always 75 minutes or more. I would have to say, it's definitely worth the wait if you weren't able to get a FastPass+ but I highly recommend trying to get one. This is a shooting game, however, it's all virtual. You have gun but instead of pulling a trigger, they made it a little more kid friendly (in my opinion) and you pull a string with a ball at the end and that how your ammo comes out. And then your cart takes you through to different screens and each screen is a different shooting game. It's a lot of fun and I always try to beat everyone in my family haha!

4) The Great Movie Ride

This ride is a lot of fun and interactive. There are several parts that you won't expect if you have never ridden it before. Sometimes I forget about them too and it's like a nice surprise again because it makes the ride of fun! The line for this ride is also pretty neat, however, I haven't been through it in a very long time, but you get to see props from actually movies such as the Wizard of Oz and Mary Poppins.

5) Star Tours - The Adventure Continues

So this is another ride that makes my sister and I really sick. It gives us terrible motion sickness. We try to ride it like every couple of years because we like the ride, it just gives us motion sickness unfortunately. However, if you don't get motion sickness then I highly recommend riding this! It is a lot of fun plus it features R2D2!

6) Star Wars Launch Bay

This is something that's fairly new to Hollywood Studios and it's pretty fun and neat to go through. I'm not sure if they are there all of the time but sometimes you can meet characters from Star Wars. My sister met Darth Vader one time and I ran away haha (he really scares me!).

7) Walt Disney: One Man's Dream

This is a fun experience, there's a walk through portion and a sit down video. It's nice to watch because you can learn all about Walt Disney and how he brought everything to life and created the magical world of Disney!

8) Muppet*Vision 3D

It's been a really long time since I've sat down to watch this show and I don't really remember what happens in it. However, I totally recommend watching it. There is always a decent amount of people going in to see it. Plus it's very kid friendly which is something that Hollywood Studios lacks in a little bit compared to the rest of the other parks.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! The rest of these posts will be posted on Monday and Tuesday!

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