February 16, 2017

Disney's Epcot Rides Ranked

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So I organially planning on writing these and posting them in the order of my favorite parks but I realized that there are so many rides at Magic Kingdom that I think that one is going to be posted last because of how much I am go to have to write lol. So I thought I would start with a park that doesn't have too many rides.

So if you follow this link, it says that Epcot has 35 attractions, however most of them are not rides they are activities to do. So I'm not really going to count those items in this list. This list is only going to consist of rides that you can actually ride at the park. 

Disney's Epcot Rides Ranked
1) Test Track

So this is the most exhilarating ride at Epcot and it used to be the most popular with the longest wait times but I assuming since Frozen has now opened that Frozen probably has the longest wait times. People may still prefer Test Track but Frozen is still too new and everyone is waiting in line to ride the ride for the first time still. However, this ride is a lot of fun and one that I recommend if you like riding roller coasters. It's not technically a roller coaster but

2) Frozen Ever After

Thankfully we were able to ride this ride the last time that we went to Epcot which was in January. (You can read about that here!) This ride is a lot of fun and to be honest, it's really gorgeous. We were kind of concerned about how it was going to turn out after reading all that they had planned but the characters inside look so life like, it really turned out perfect! The ride felt like it was almost 5 minutes long and by the way it's a water ride but thankfully you don't get wet. You may get a little splashed but it should dry fairly quickly in the Florida heat haha.

3) Living with the Land

This is one of our favorite rides at Epcot. You ride on a boat thing and it tells you all about eco living and recycling and stuff like that. And then it takes you through to a green room and tells you how everything food item made on Disney property is actually grown on Disney property and is actually pretty healthy for you. They also have their own fish that they grow instead of purchasing them from unhealthy fish farms.

4) Spaceship Earth

We ride this ride almost every single time we go. It's actually really interesting and the reason so many people like it is because it actually takes you up inside the giant ball that Epcot is famous for. It talks about how things we made and how we've evolved (and by evolved I don't mean how we went from being monkeys to humans haha) so much over time. It's actually a lot of fun!

5) The Seas with Nemo & Friends

This ride is a lot of fun if you are a fan of finding Nemo! It basically takes under the sea and you get to see Nemo and all of his friends. You ride in a shell and you actually go through the aquarium and get to see real life fish while on the ride. They also play the song from the musical that plays at Animal Kingdom.

6) Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros

This ride is located in the World Showcase which means it's located where all of the countries are located. It's located in Mexico and it also features Donald Duck. It's another ride and it's a pretty fun ride. Most of the rides at Epcot are very kid friendly and this one is actually pretty cool because it's inside the temple in Mexico and everything it so open. Like there's a restaurant inside of the temple too and when you are on the ride you can see the restaurant and people at the restaurant can see the ride as well.

7) Ellen's Energy Adventure

This is the ride that you can ride if you need a break because it's very long! It's like 40 minutes long and it's also basically a history lesson. And by the way, if you haven't caught on yet, Epcot is a very educational park! They like to make sure that when you leave, you have learned something new haha. This ride features Ellen Degeneres and Bill Nye the Science Guy. He educates Ellen on many things because she is playing a game show in the ride and she's not doing so well. She misses quite a few questions and so he has to teach her all about the questions that she's missed.

8) Journey into Imagination with Figment

I honestly don't really have anything to say about this ride because I can't tell you the last time that we went on it. It's actually one of my friends favorite rides haha (although I don't think it really is) but he rides it almost every single time he goes.

9) The Circle of Life

This ride features characters from The Lion King and I don't really remember much about this attraction at all. It technically isn't a ride, it's actually just a 20-minute long fun educational video about conservation and protecting the Earth.

10) The American Adventure

So to be honest, I really don't remember what this is and I possibly may have never ridden it haha. So I don't really have much to say about it and the only reason it's landed above the two rides listed below is because I really don't like the two rides below because they give me motion sickness and almost every single time I ride them I end up getting a really bad headache that won't go away no matter how much Tylenol or Advil I take.

11) Mission: Space

This is really bad for people with motion sickness. Basically you sit/stand in this circle thing and then the walls like close in on you and then I believe you start to spin and you basically play like a video game on your own screen and it's supposed to make you feel like you an astronaut in outer space. My sister and I regret riding this almost every time we ride it but whenever they make changes to rides that we've ridding in the past we like to re-ride them just so we can see what was different. We rode this one, I'd say about 3 or 4 years ago now and after the last time I don't think I will ever go on it again. It made me so nauseous and I had such a bad headache afterwards. I didn't end up feeling better until the next day after I had slept all the pain away haha (not to sound dramatic or anything).

12) Soarin'

My sister and I first rode this in California. I actually don't even think we've ever been on the Florida version because the one in California made us so sick. And I don't really remember it other than that because that was more than 10 years ago now. All I really remember is you sit in a thing that looks like those glider things that you see people in at the beach or flying over a mountain and you stare at a giant screen that has a bunch of different views from all over the place (maybe even all over the world?)

Aside from all of these rides there are plenty of other attractions at Epcot as well. There are also plenty of character meet and greets throughout the park and there is also a Kim Possible adventure that kids can go that will take you throughout different countries in the world showcase and I think throughout the rest of the park as well. There are also plenty of educational areas for kids to learn and play!

Epcot is also famous for all of their restaurants and if you plan on staying the whole day then I highly recommend making reservations for lunch and dinner at two different restaurants. I've eaten at almost all of the restaurants there and some of them even twice. For some of them, depending on the time of year, you might not need a reservation but I still highly recommend getting some just to be on the safe side. 

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