September 23, 2016

100th Blog Post and Floral Printed Fall Dress

Dress: Dillard's | Shoes: Steve Madden (old) similar here and here | Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff similar here and here | Sunglasses: Chanel (Butterfly Charm with the patent bow) similar here and here

Hey guys,

So today marks my 100th blog post that I have written! If you've made it this far then I love you! You are the best and I hope you stick around! If you are knew then welcome and I apologize to everyone for all of the left out words, unfinished sentences, and typos that you may have read while browsing through my blog! I rarely ever go back and check my work and I know that's a terrible quality to have, especially when publishing content haha.

 To be honest, this is kind of a big deal for me because I absolutely used to hate writing! You can just ask my mom and sister if you don't believe me. They both used to bribe me to get me to write my essays or college papers when I was in school. I used to hate writing even just 1,000 word essays and now I have some posts on here that over 1,700! I used to wait till the very last minute to get writing assignments done just because I hated writing that much. Granted I work so much better under pressure so I would always manage to get an A or a B but still, I hated writing so much. And now I have a blog where I try to write as much as possible. I even have blog posts that I have written but never posted because they are so long and I feel like I am just rambling on. However, I will totally edit them and post them someday but who knows when. 

So to celebrate the special occasion, I went out and bought a new dress (well technically my mom bought it since I have like zero dollars left in my bank account haha)! This dress is also my attempt at Fall in Florida even though I don't think I will be wearing it again for awhile because it was so hot out when I was wearing this. I thought I was going to pass out from heat exhaustion! Let me know what you guys think about the dress! I know it has bell sleeves but strangely the more I wear them, the more I seem to like them! 

P.S. I can't wait to write 100+ more blog posts!

Thanks for stopping by!
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XO, Steph


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