September 13, 2016

How To Tuesday: Look Cute and Sporty

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Welcome to the first ever "How To Tuesday!" I hope you guys enjoy these posts and I have a bunch of ideas for them. Today's post is going to about sports and fashion! I am not really a sporty type person, in fact, I pretty much hate sports. I typically will watch the games but I usually play on my phone and then when it's the fourth quarter, I will pay attention more to see which team is going to win. 

I grew up as a dancer and so sports was never really my thing. I had friends who played soccer, basketball, or softball but I never played any sports. I also really hated PE when I was in school because they would also make us play a new sport each quarter and I dreaded learning which sport we would play next. I would even tell my gym teacher and other classmates how much I hated playing sports and how bad I was just so they would stick me in the back or never pick me to play. Of course, I was always required to play each sport at least once so I would just pretty much fail at playing the sport on purpose (haha).

However, the older I get, the more I enjoy watching football. I only watch Florida State games though. I have the ESPN app on my phone so I am able to keep track of how they are doing and when the next game is. I think another reason I enjoy watching more is because I am able to go shopping for new clothes or other FSU related items. I also keep track of how my school is doing on the ESPN app but I definitely think it helps to be more involved when you are actually rooting for a team that is winning, which is something my school does not do very often(haha).

So for today's post, I put together 3 fashionable and sporty outfits that you can wear to a football game, a friend's sports party, or to a local sports bar to watch your favorite team play (and hopefully win)!How To Tuesday: Look Cute and Sporty
How To Tuesday: Look Cute and Sporty
How To Tuesday: Look Cute and Sporty
Jersey: Target | Shorts: Banana Republic (old) similar here and I also love these | Shoes: Tory Burch | Sunglasses: Burberry (old) similar here

I call this look "The Sporty Mom" look because the shorts are a little longer than I normally wear and they are also from Banana Republic. I'm not saying that you have to be a mom to wear it, I just feel like this could be an outfit that a mom could wear and look cute and still sporty at the same time.

So when it comes to jersey's they tend to run a lot larger than normal clothes if you purchase them from your section, which is why I was super happy when I found this one at Target and it's actually a boys medium. I am pretty tiny and I typically wear an X-Small or sometimes smaller depending on the store and the item. When I found this jersey, I tried it on and it fit the way that I wanted it to fit (which was smaller and more fitted than your average jersey) so I knew that I had to purchase it. Plus since it was a kids and I bought it at Target, it was only about $22! 
How To Tuesday: Look Cute and Sporty
How To Tuesday: Look Cute and Sporty
How To Tuesday: Look Cute and Sporty
Dress: Pacsun (old) similar here and this dress is super cute and I also really like this one | Hat: Target (I couldn't find it online ) similar here and here | Shoes: Jessica Simpson from DSW (no longer available) similar here and here | Sunglasses: Burberry (old) similar here

This is probably my favorite look because I still look super fashionable and at the same time, I'm ready to cheer on my favorite team. I also like it because once the game is over, I can just take off the hat and I am ready to live the rest of the day as if I didn't watch a football game. This dress is also super comfortable but unfortunately it is sold out.
How To Tuesday: Look Cute and Sporty
How To Tuesday: Look Cute and Sporty
How To Tuesday: Look Cute and Sporty
Top: Fashion boutique in Tallahassee (old) similar here | Jeans: Lucky Brand Jeans | Shoes: DSW (old) similar here and here | Sunglasses: Burberry (old) similar here

I unfortunately had a hard time finding similar items for this outfit but I like to call this look "Yes, I know look posh and I'm wearing a t-shirt" (haha). I recently wore this outfit to a local sports bar for the first game of the season (which we won)! I liked wearing it because I was comfortable and fashionable at the same time. I was like the only person wearing heels but like I said before, I'm not really a sporty person so this is me trying to be sporty.

Yes, I am wearing the same sunglasses for all three looks and that because my sunglasses are Burberry and the colors on the arms just happen to be garnet and gold-ish. I thought they were perfect to support FSU!

Go Noles!

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