September 21, 2016

What to Wear Wednesday: Job Interview

Hey guys,

So since I am currently looking for a job, I thought it was only appropriate to make my very first What to Wear Wednesday be about what to wear to a job interview. 

I suggest having about 2-4 interview outfits that fit you really well and make you feel confident. Going in for a job interview can be quite nerve wrecking and having outfits that make you feel strong  and prepared can really help. But at the very least make sure that you have 2 outfits to wear to interviews. Depending on the job you are going for you may be able to wear the outfits to work later on anyways. 

Outfit #1
What to Wear Wednesday: Job Interview
What to Wear Wednesday: Job Interview
What to Wear Wednesday: Job Interview
Sweater: White House Black Market (old) similar here and here | Top: Ann Taylor (old) similar here and here | Pants: Banana Republic Factory (on sale) similar here and here | Shoes: Tory Burch (older version) new version, similar here and here

This outfit is probably my favorite! Mostly because of the pop of blue. I highly recommend stick with  you basic colors of black and white and then adding a pop of color in your shirt, sweater, or maybe your handbag. 

Outfit #2
What to Wear Wednesday: Job Interview
What to Wear Wednesday: Job Interview
What to Wear Wednesday: Job Interview
Dress: Forever21 (old) similar here and here | Shoes: Christian Louboutin similar here and here

I absolutely love this dress and I rarely wear it. Mostly because I have never had a job and I feel like it is such a work appropriate dress that I feel weird wearing it anywhere else. But I was so shocked when I found it online at Forever21. I bought it thinking I could save it for the day whenever I do get a job and can look super cute and feminine at the office (or wherever I work).

I also think it would look great with a statement necklace but I don't really think I would recommend wearing one to an interview. You should stick with something subtle because you don't really want to wear anything that might be too bold and distract your interviewer.

Outfit #3
What to Wear Wednesday: Job Interview 
What to Wear Wednesday: Job Interview
What to Wear Wednesday: Job Interview
Top: Ann Taylor (old) similar here and here | Pants: XOXO at Macy's similar here and here | Shoes: Kate Spade New York (old) similar here and here

This outfit consists of trouser pants which have a flare to them rather than the first ones. Also, since I am only 5' 2" I had an extremely hard time finding pants that fit which is why I am wearing a little bit of a heel. If I don't then these pants drag on the ground and I personally hate hemming pants or having them hemmed for me. They just never seem to wear the same, I don't know, it's weird but I prefer to just keep shopping until I find the perfect length or I will just pants that I can specifically wear with heels like these ones.

Of course you can always pair a blazer, some type of sweater, or other professional type jacket with any of these outfits. I personally don't own a blazer so I went with a sweater instead. Plus, I'm more of a sweater kind of girl anyway, I probably own about 25 sweaters in all different styles and colors.

One thing I don't think I would recommend to wear to an interview would be a pencil skirt or any type of skirt really. I don't know why exactly but there's something about skirts and I feel like you should only wear them after you've already been offered the job and have accepted. I personally don't feel as comfortable in skirts. I'm always worried that something will be wrong with it or it will be too tight or short. But if you normally wear skirts all the time then you wear whatever makes you feel comfortable because the more comfortable you feel then the more confident you will be.

Some of you may have noticed that I didn't pair a handbag with any of these outfits and that mostly because I wanted to mostly focus on the outfits and then discuss the handbag later one. I think your handbag should match your outfit, maybe not perfectly but at least close enough. I also think that it should be one that is not a crossbody or an oversized tote. I think it should be one that can fit a folder if you decided to or are required to bring a folder with your resume or other important documents. I think it is okay to use a bag that is colorful as long as if it's not too colorful or doesn't clash with your outfit.

The more put-together you look, the more confident you will feel so you need to make sure that you take the time the night before and put together your outfit and everything you need for the interview as well as review some popular interview questions that they might ask you and review your resume to make sure you know everything that is on there. Also, just remember that the people you are interviewing with are human too no matter how much they may not seem like it. Also, you are going to survive! Just make sure to breath and focus on remaining positive and getting through it, everything will be okay!

One of the duties of my mom's job is to interview people and one of her biggest tips is to make sure that you are wearing closed-toe shoes. She believes that it is not very professional to have your toes exposed because it's not like you are going to a wedding or to the beach. You need to make sure that your toes are covered.

If you are looking for a job, I hope that these outfits and tips helped you! Good luck on your job search and I hope you get the job you want!

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  1. The pop of blue really sells the first outfit, and I'm such a fan of Banana's Sloan pant! The dress is fabulous and I just adore the shoes with the bows!!! Keep up the good work!


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