September 14, 2016

Top 5 Favorite High-End Mascaras

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So today's blog post is all about mascara! You know that popular question, "If you were stranded on an island, what is one beauty product you would bring with you?" Well for me, that would be mascara. I absolutely love mascara and I probably own about 30 different tubes of it. I used to own more but I recently cleaned out my collection. I am obsessed with my lashes and making sure that they are long and full at all times.  
Top 5 Favorite High-End Mascaras

I absolutely love this mascara and this is the first mascara that I recommend to people whenever they ask me which mascara is my favorite. It is my go-to mascara and it always goes with me whenever I travel anywhere. I love how you can just keep adding coat after coat and it just makes your lashes look so good. I typically will apply two coats in the morning but if I am going out later in the evening then I either add a third coat or I apply false eyelashes.
Top 5 Favorite High-End Mascaras

So I discovered this mascara almost two years ago now and it is an amazing mascara. It can be pretty hard to apply because of the weird shape of the wand. I do have the tendency to get the mascara on the side of my nose or sometimes on my cheek (haha). However, this mascara makes your lashes so long and full, it totally makes up for the mess you may create in the process of applying it. It is definitely one that I recommend you should try at least once just to see if you like it. 
Top 5 Favorite High-End Mascaras

This one used to be my favorite mascara for a long time because of how tiny the wand is. The wand is made out of plastic rather than fibers which is nice for making sure that you can really get in there and coat every single lash. As with some of the other mascaras, I typically apply 2 coats but if I am feeling adventurous I will apply 3 to make sure that my eyes really pop.
Top 5 Favorite High-End Mascaras

This is one of my newest favorites and it also replaced this mascara. I have fallen in love with this mascara because of the wand as well. I am really obsessed with the wand when it comes to mascara. The actual formula never really seems to make a difference for me. Since I have pretty oily skin, no matter which brand the mascara stills gets all over my eyelids and underneath my eyes. I am constantly having to touch up or wipe of some mascara that fallen. 

This mascara is probably the best one that Marc Jacobs offers and I love how full it makes my lashes look. I typically will apply two coats of it but you can add more if needed and your lashes will still look amazing.
Top 5 Favorite High-End Mascaras

This used to be my all time favorite but as more and more brands starting coming out with more mascaras, this one slowly moved to the bottom of my list. However, it will probably always stay on my list because of the fact that it was my first favorite. I also really love how big the wand is. It allows you to be able to coat every single lash and create full lashes (hence the name, Full Exposure).

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