September 19, 2016

New Bedroom Inspiration

Hey guys,

So today's post is going to be all about interior decorating. I am obsessed with interior design and sometimes I really wish I was an interior decorator. I am constantly watching HGTV and my favorite show is Flip or Flop. I love the way they design each of the houses they flip and I think they always turn out beautiful. And because of that, I decided I would do a post on what I was thinking of doing to the bedroom in our new house. I am so excited to get my hands on it and start figuring things out.

So I went everyone's favorite addiction, Pinterest and found some pictures for what I was thinking of doing. And as you can see from the pictures below, I am planning on doing a room with lots of blue. My favorite color is navy blue and so I plan on doing it in navy blue, white, black, and silver. I also really obsessed with Tiffany blue so I'm going to throw that in there as well as some other blue colors. I haven't fully made up my mind. It's kind of hard to do until you get in there and actually start working on it.

I am also obsessed with mirrored furniture and have been for the last few years but it's typically pretty expensive so it's something that I plan on purchasing one piece at a time. I already have the set picked out that I want and I will include a picture of it down below.

So basically in the pictures above and below I am obsessed with the colors and these will be some colors that will be included in my room.
I chose this picture because I absolutely love the tall mirrors behind the nightstand but since I plan on having mirrored nightstands, I don't think I will have floor to ceiling mirrors behind them. I think eventually I will just get matching tall mirrors to hang up behind the nightstands. I am obsessed with mirrors (just ask my mom and sister) and mirrors can make a room look larger so I like adding as many as possible. 
The headboard I have picked out is navy blue with silver studs and I have been trying to figure out what kind of bedding I should buy. I don't normally like to buy white bedding but at the same time, it looks so relaxing to sleep in an all white bed. I like these two images below because the bedding is all white with some different textures and patterns.
I have seen this pin on Pinterest several times and I love it every time I see it because I love the giant tall mirror that they stuck in the corner. I think that I want to have a mirror like this in my room but at the same time I was kind of thinking of changing my closet doors to be sliding mirror doors just so I can have a full length mirror to use in my bedroom. I am not entirely sure what I will do yet but I will definitely keep you guys updated along the way!

I chose this image because I am currently in the process of redoing a bench to go at the foot of my bed and this is the only image that I could find that was similar to mine. Mine is actually a cedar chest and I am redoing it and I plan on adding black and white houndstooth fabric and you will find out why in a little bit.
I included this picture because these are basically the curtains that I will be using in my room. They are the same curtains that I used in our rental house and I don't see the point in purchasing new ones since they go with the color that I plan on using in my bedroom.
The next two pictures are of chairs and that's because I have a houndstooth vintage clawfoot chair that my mom and I reupholstered ourselves (it took us 2 years haha) and I want to include it on my room which is also why the bench is currently being reupholstered in houndstooth. And yes, I will be including a blog post on the process or redoing the bench (cedar chest).
Here are the pieces of furniture that I plan to purchase slowly overtime. I am not worried that they will sell out because I have actually had my eye on this set for about 2 years now and they seem to keep making it and hopefully they continue too until I am able to purchase it.

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